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This website is exclusively for authors writing in the BDSM genre. Within these pages you will find valuable information on Dominance and submission.

There are eCourse on various topics to assist you in furthering your knowledge on Dominance and submission as well as psychological factors which would affect your characters such as PTSD, emotional issues, trauma, mental health issues and more.

We’ll provide you with articles and tips on how to create a more credible BDSM storyline, characters, and scenes from both BDSM experts and successful authors in the genre. As well as, tidbits on how to successful market yourself and your books.

In addition, we’ll bring you the latest news on upcoming events we are hosting which will provide you with ways to enhance your knowledge of BDSM like our upcoming BDSM WRITERS CON where we are gathering some of the best presenters, both authors and lifestyle practitioners in the world, to provide you with information on various aspects of Dominance and submission. Our presenters will conduct workshops and panel discussions designed to whet your appetite and teach you how to create realistic and credible characters and BDSM scenes for your novels. We have LIVE DEMOS by BDSM Experts and well know BDSM authors. Plus a special night out to a BDSM Club.

And of course we have a PRIVATE BDSM Group Forum & LIVE CHAT for authors only! This forum covers topics and information specific to authors in the D/s genre. If you want something even more private, sign up for an Individual Mentorship with America’s BDSM Expert, Dr. Charley Ferrer.



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