Private Mentorships

Private instruction is available for authors who wish a more personal touch with their stories and creativity outlook. Doctor Charley is your Personal BDSM Mentor providing insight into character and scene development, psychological make-up, emotional accuracy and more. Choose from individual hourly consultations to complete book projects. Doctor Charley works closely with each author to develop your characters, scenes, and story ideas to ensure they are realistic and have depth. We’ll also address behavioral motivations and psychological make-up of your characters which are designed to assist you in moving your story forward or take it into another direction that works even better for you. Doctor Charley has over 15-years of actual experience in the BDSM lifestyle and provides information every author should know to create stories your readers will come crave.
Doctor Charley is America’s BDSM Expert.


BDSM Book project

America’s BDSM Expert, Dr. Charley Ferrer works with you on an individual basis to help you complete your new novel. Bi-monthly one-hour LIVE Chat, plus unlimited emails. Create an award winning BDSM novel in six months or less.


Contact our offices for pricing information and to schedule a FREE 15-minute consultation.

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