BDSM FOR WRITERS#1 BDSM Resource recommended for authors writing the the Dominance and submission genre.

Join world renowned Clinical Sexologist and America’s BDSM Expert,
Dr. Charley Ferrer, as she provides authors with valuable information about Dominance and submission and the various power exchange relationships. This book addresses the emotional and psychological connections men and women make in this uniquely erotic lifestyle dispelling many of the misconceptions perpetuated by Hollywood, the media, and poorly informed authors. BDSM for Writers provides valuable tool to assist authors in developing stronger more realistic characters, plots, and scenes. Not only does this book covers the basics every author MUST know when writing in this particular genre, it also provides insight into individual characteristics, personality traits, and lifestyle etiquette. Discover the integral techniques and foundations necessary to train a slave, the benefits and pitfalls of rewards and punishment, and the various methods of how to use punishment and humiliation on a male versus a female submissive/slave to derive optimum results. There is even a BDSM Checklist created specifically for authors to assist you in developing your characters and those deliciously wicked scenes.

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