What does it mean to have a slave naked before you?

male slaveHaving a slave naked before you is vastly different depending on whose perspective you are considering.     

From the slave’s perspective:
Being naked before their Master/Mistress can make the individual feel owned, vulnerable, submissive and sometimes humiliated.  It can also make the slave (male or female) feel empowered and accepted.  For slaves or submissives new to the scene or uncomfortable with their bodies, they might feel judged, uncomfortable, even extremely vulnerable.  And of course, it is also a way for the slave/sub to show their surrender and willingness to adhere to their Dominant’s dictates.

From the Master/Mistress perspective: 
A naked slave shows he/she is completely open to the Master/Mistress. It shows their willingness to hide nothing from his/her Dominant’s view thus metaphorically also revealing themselves and their insecurities. A naked slave shows she/he is willing to be of serve in any way the Master/Mistress chooses even if that’s merely to look at the slave or have the slave kneel beside them while they work or what TV or merely observe the slave’s naked form. The slave is exposing her/himself and offering their trust.

At night, in bed, the slave’s nakedness reminds the slave that even in their sleep they are required to be exposed to their Master/Mistress; for their Dominant’s pleasure, to be viewed or used as desired.

Being naked before others whether in a club, before strangers, or before a Dominant’s friends, a slave’s nakedness will be a symbol of his/her submission and surrender to their Master/Mistress; will; becoming their Owner’s proud possession.

Thus being a naked slave before a Master/Mistress can have a plethora of meanings, the least of which is to have sex. These are but a few possibilities.  Please feel free to share your view on what it means to have a slave naked before you (your character)—from either perspective.



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