The Perils of Orgasmic Control

Can orgasmic control create a situation where the sub/slave becomes completely unable to achieve orgasm?

It’s not that the slave/sub will not be “able” to achieve orgasm after a while, but that they will “not want to” find their release without their Master/Mistress’ permission.

It will become a symbiotic connection, one person’s emotional desire feeding the others which in turn feeds the desire.  As I mentioned before, orgasmic control actually allows for greater pleasure when the individual actually achieves release. In many ways, orgasmic control is the underlying premise of Tantric sex and Taoism. It is withholding the need for a time that enhances the release.

What I have found, especially in men, is that orgasmic denial will make some male very “bitchy”  especially if they’re not used to the control or the tease and denial. Younger men are more prone to bitch, whine, and even act out because they’re not allowed to climax. It may also make them angry, aggressive, or give up and walk away using whatever excuse is handy for them to “save face”.  In these situations, (especially in the cases of a Dominant woman) the Dominant needs to ensure that she sticks to her guns and doesn’t allow the slave to climax (with or without her) for a specific duration.  (ie: a few days, a few weeks).  If you’re starting to train the male slave, I wouldn’t go over 30 days as you may hit rebellion and defeat the purpose. Three weeks is a good time stretch. You can then increase the duration as the relationship grows and you gain more control over the slave. Female slaves tend to be more accepting of orgasmic control and do not typically act out when denied unless you encounter an alpha female submissive.


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