The Eroticism in Orgasmic Control

The eroticism in Orgasmic Control is in its denial.

It’s in the fact that you’re/the slave is NOT allowed to come without permission. Thinking about grocery lists or anything else is not what occurs!
(And if it does, you want to stop that immediately.)

It’s fighting back the body’s need to climax that makes the submissive more desirous of being teased and denied. This is the essence of Orgasmic Control & Orgasmic Denial. Also, the fact that the slave is holding back at their Master’s command is a major turn-on as well since they’re obeying orders. I’ve known subs who will become even more primal and more aggressive and more turned-on because they’ve been denied the ability to climax. In men, this denial also makes their erection harder. This denial makes them want it more, thus they would not try to stop themselves from orgasming by thinking of grocery lists or their grandma’s instead they would think of how disappointed their Master/Mistress would be if they failed to obey or how much more erotic and extreme it would feel if they waited. Think Tantric training and PC control—these are the ways for the slave/sub to hold back their orgasms.

On the other hand, if they can’t hold it back, they can be punished for orgasming without permission with a spanking or something else afterward.

One trick the Dominant can use when they see the slave won’t be able to hold back their orgasm is to give the slave permission to come “as they’re coming”. You’re playing into the psychological realm with this trick. And yes, you’re building up their confidence to follow directions and showing benevolence as their Master in the fact that you knew they couldn’t hold it any longer and you therefore allowed them to climax. (This also builds trust.) You then go on to teaching them as mentioned below.

1. You know they’re on the edge and you count them down to climax.

2. You train them to climax by the time you reach 10, stimulating them both mentally and physically as you do so, talking them through each number. Making each number last a few minutes as you tease and make them more desirous of reaching climax for you.

Yes, both these techniques take time. The counting helps them focus and helps them “speed up” or “slow down” as needed to achieve orgasm or hold it back.

A slave who can’t hold their orgasm back creates a situation for their Master/Mistress to train them in Orgasmic Control. This is done by constantly stimulating them and then stopping, teaching the slave to build up resistance over time. Ironically, this is the same way you train a man who suffers from pre-mature ejaculation (now being called rapid ejaculation—the male psychiatrists felt the latter name was less judgmental or pejorative.)

I think this would be a good topic to discuss and brainstorm a few ways for you to use it in your books.



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